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Medical Assistant/Pharmacy Technician

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At Universal Healthcare Careers College, we believe education should lead to a valuable healthcare career. Courses are taught both in the classroom and laboratory and students receive hands-on training from experienced healthcare instructors in a small class size environment.

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Universal Healthcare Careers College offers a unique program that combines Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician into one program so students receive training in three distinct programs with one enrollment.  This innovative program structure and curriculum design saves students time and money, all while providing more career opportunities in the healthcare field.

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Through a well-balanced approach of hands-on and theory, our students learn the fundamentals of almost all aspects of the healthcare industry.  We believe your education should lead to a valuable healthcare career helping others. We focus on providing effective training in the fastest growing careers in the healthcare field.

  • Jizet - UHCC Graduate 2014

    I’m Jizet and I graduated UHCC in 2014. I started working right away after graduation. I recently moved up in my career. I referred several of my family and friends to UHCC and they now have great jobs and careers. Coming to UHCC was the right decision for me and I think it would be for you too.

    - Jizet Class of 2014

  • Simarjeet - UHCC Graduate

    My name is Simarjeet. I came to this school few years ago and it changed my life. I started working for a great company before I even graduated. I even got a family member to come and she is also working. The faculty is great and they inspired me so much so that I’m now enrolled in a physician assistant program. They helped me believe in myself.

    - Simarjeet Class of 2012

  • I graduated form UHCC couple of years ago, and I went to work right away. I love this school, the classes are not big, and I deeply appreciate everything I learned from my teachers. They were great. I now have a wonderful career and I highly recommend the school.

    - Anna Class of 2015